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Meet Allison Caves - Certified Kitchen Designer and Custom Advocate

"Certified Kitchen Designer" is not some marketing catch-phrase; it signifies extensive training and certification by the National
Kitchen and Bath Association. Combine this
with years of experience in design and
functional layout and you've got Allison Caves,
a talented designer and tireless customer advocate.

Allison knows the process and products intimately. Starting as a craftsperson in the Caves Millwork cabinetry well over a decade ago, Allison is now one of the area's most respected certified kitchen designers. Her collaborative style and solutions oriented approach are an inspiration to both her customers and the Caves family. She will be your most valued partner and work tirelessly on your behalf!

The patience and creativity that Allison brings to every project is impressive. But don't let her engaging demeanor deceive you, Allison's experience and tough persistence ensure that your best interests are her top priority.

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Certified Kitchen Design

This cherry kitchen functions twice as well as its predecessor without increasing square footage.
The homeowners had specific requirements: maintain a large island for entertaining and keep with
the feel of the home. The outcome was this elegant, yet casual kitchen that combines handcrafted
Caves Millwork custom cabinetry with granite countertops and Electrolux appliances.

A Detailed Analysis Can Make All the Difference.

To maximize the form and function of your
kitchen design, Allison will get to know your
space intimately. She will also take the time to explore your personal tastes, priorities and
family habits. Allison's comprehensive analysis
and proactive approach is guaranteed to reveal options and details you may have never
considered. In fact, here are a few important questions when remodeling your kitchen:

  • What do you currently like and dislike
    about your kitchen?
  • What is the size of your family and do you
    sit and eat together?
  • Do you prefer table or island seating?
  • Does anyone have physical limitations such
    as a bad back or trouble standing?
  • Do you entertain in your kitchen?
  • Are there height or reach limitations in
    your family?


  • Are there children - how old are they, do
    they play or do homework in the kitchen?
  • Do you enjoy watching TV or listening to
    the radio while preparing dinner?
  • Do your pets spend time in the kitchen?
  • What kind of cooking do you do?
  • Do you crave organized space for spices,
    wine, cutlery, or special utensils?
  • Do you prefer small appliances on the
    counter or stored in cabinets?
  • What kitchen features do your friends or
    family desire or can't live without?

The answers to all of these questions and
many more can make the difference between
life-long satisfaction and improved quality of
life or years of regret. Allison's complete
project coordination and certified kitchen
design are your keys to success.